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What’s a Multi-Fuel Generator?

What’s a Multi-Fuel Generator?

If you’ve used a generator or been in a position where you needed an emergency generator, you probably have a good idea of how it works. There are three types of generators that function differently but require similar care when operated. A multi-fuel generator falls into one of these categories and is quite efficient in its design. A generator company in Vero Beach can lead you to the right fuel generator for your home or situation. Let’s take a look at what a multi-generator is and how it works.

Multi-Purpose Use

Tri-fuel or multi-fuel generators use natural gas, conventional gas, and liquid petroleum. This allows you to use whatever fuel you need to best suit your situation. You can find these types of generators for commercial and residential use as their diverse skills make it easier to power almost every situation. For example, liquid petroleum is used for heating and cooking while conventional gas is used for drilling, compressing, and pumping application. This kind of generator is an efficient choice for those who experience frequent weather issues. It’s the most versatile generator because you can count on it even when power is difficult to get. Home generator systems in Jupiter are essential to have, especially during hurricane season. You never know when you’ll need a multi-purpose generator and it’s best to be prepared beforehand!

Multi-Fuel generators aren’t easily clogged so switching from one type of fuel to the next isn’t complicated. They are available in a variety of sizes and can last over 14 hours at a maximum power of 120,000 watts.

Types of Multi-Fuel Generators

First time generator user? It’s time that you have a brief understanding of their use and how they differ from each other.


This generator works with an automatic transfer system. This system tells it to power a device when outages occur. This type of generator can operate on liquid or propane gas and operates automatically. The standby generator is constantly monitoring utility power and boots ups electricity within seconds of sensing power loss.


Portable generators are powered by diesel or gas and provide temporary electrical power. It has enough power to run a freezer or television and can power tools and lights. It can be used to plug in tools and electrical appliances.


This type uses an engine that’s connected to an alternator. Unlike other generators, an inverter uses a rectifier to convert the AC power into DC power. This generator type undergoes three phases to produce electricity and relies on high-tech magnets. You can expect your appliances to maintain a constant flow of current.

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