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The Use and Invention of Gas Generators

Your portable gas generator is responsible for many residential and commercial needs. It is used as a major power source and is often used as your necessary small appliance when there’s a power outage. But your gas generator actually does more than just that. Let’s take a look at when these important power sources were invented and how they affect us today.

Step in Time

In 1831, Michael Faraday, the brilliant chemist and physicist, composed the idea of the generator. He used bar magnet, a tube made of simple material, and a coil of wire in cotton insulation. He then connected this mechanism to a galvanometer to detect the electrical current. Noticing the needles movement, he realized the electric current was flowing in the coil of the wire to which he later built the first electromagnetic generator, the Faraday disc.

Eventually, other scientists picked up where Faraday left off. Years later, Hippolyte Pixie, a Frenchman, made the first electric generator using the same magnetic principles as Faraday.

This fantastic discovery of electromagnetic induction is widely used today to produce gas and electric generating systems. We are now able to experience electricity anytime. So when you’re looking for generator installation in Jupiter, you know how it works.

Natural Gas Generators and Their Role

Unlike electric generators, gas generators are fueled by, well, natural gas or propane, that burn gaseous fuel rather than liquid. A carburetor is required to accurately dispense the amount of fuel and air. This is done with a direct line that is piped by a utility supplier or a tank that generates electricity. This mixture of fuel and air is combined in a combustion chamber, compressed by a piston. You would ignite the fuel with a spark plug that initiates the driving down of the piston to turn the crankshaft, and spin the generator’s rotor in an electric magnetic field. Depending on the generator size, the electrical current can then charge a variety of appliances such as a battery to high wattage tools. And your gas generator maintenance team in Jupiter, Florida can assist you when choosing the right size.

Natural gas generators burn cleaner and are cost-effective, too. It’s a sustainable energy source that businesses and residential homes find more economically stable.
Consider a backup power for your business or home and be prepared with a generator that suits your needs. The expert team at Energized Electric provides generator installation in Jupiter, Fort Pierce, and all along the Treasure Coast. They provide flexible financing, repair, maintenance and service your residential and commercial needs. It’s never too early to prepare. Contact our team today for more information!

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