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Should I Buy a Used Portable Generator?

You buy a used car with excellent mileage and little to no rust. You can also buy certain used kitchen appliances, as long as your give them a test run.  When you buy something used, you always need to be aware of its internal condition, not just external. But some used items aren’t worth the investment and can actually cause more harm than good. The same applies to heavy duty machines such as portable generators. Should you invest in a used portable generator or purchase it brand new? Before you answer that ad, you may want some expert advice from an emergency generator service in Jupiter.

Let’s face it; a good quality generator is rather expensive, especially if you’re living in an area that doesn’t experience frequent blackouts of energy outages. But it’s a wise investment because at some point you will need it, whether at a campsite or at work. If you’re on of the lucky few who don’t experience frequent outages, a used portable generator may be just the right thing for the right time. Ask your local emergency generator service in Jupiter for assistance on choosing the right used portable generator.

Tips When Searching for a Used Generator

It’s important to heed the information and assistance offered from your local home generator service in Vero Beach for safety and efficiency purposes. These general tips may be of help in the meantime.

Accessories and Warranty

Oftentimes, used equipment will lack the manual or warranty information. You want to be sure this isn’t the case with a used generator. Ask for all appropriate accessories and user manuals before buying, especially if you’re brand new to using a generator. User manuals offer a wealth of do and don’t information that will be helpful to know.

You must attain the warranty papers at the point of the sale. The seller needs to have these ready to give over to the buyer to ensure that you have access to warranty coverage should parts break or repairs be needed.

Condition and Model

Look at the external condition of the generator. You may notice sellers pumping up their ads with fancy lingo such as ‘runs great, like new, well maintained, perfect condition’. You won’t really know until you get there to inspect it yourself. Ask the owner to start and run it for at least 30 minutes to ensure it meets the standards they claim. You also want to run a search for the model being sold so that if it needs a part or two you can easily locate a manufacturer that continues to carry that model.

Test It Out

Much like you would a car, give the generator a test run before you buy it. All sellers should be understanding that a used item needs testing, especially when it’s a high-demand and pricey appliance such as a portable generator.

Portable generators are an excellent investment no matter where you live or leisure. And if you’re in the market for a used generator and don’t exactly know where to turn, a local generator service in Palm City can lead you in the right direction. Energized Generators are a local team of contractors that know more than a thing or two about getting you the right used generator for your home. They service the Palm City, Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach, Jupiter and surrounding areas to meet your needs!  Contact us today for your estimate!

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