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Purchasing an electric generator? Here’s what you need to know first.

Purchasing an electric generator? Here’s what you need to know first.



A generator is probably the first thing that comes to mind whenever there is a power outage. Isn’t it important to go thoroughly through the different features of a generator before you purchase one? Let’s do it!

Generally speaking, a generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. A household purpose generator can support all your crucial appliances like refrigerators and heaters. I have seen that the majority of generators sell out only in times of emergency such as when there is a storm outside and the probability of power cuts rise up significantly. Buying in such a haste leaves anyone with very little time to analyze which generator would suit them the best. You settle for any generator that seems to meet your demands without considering the specifications or the generator installation guidelines.

Isn’t it better if you are acquainted beforehand all that you need to know about electric generators so that you do not end up buying the wrong generator for your home. Below we have mentioned all that you need to know for your next generator shopping.

The common usage of generators-

Power backup

Investing in a lasting generator is a good idea if you live in a locality with harsh weather conditions. In the freezing region, it is always better that you have a backup power supply. Relying just on the national grid may put you in crucial situations. As a generator can power the major units like AC and heaters, a generator can make your house comfortable by utilizing all the electrical appliances. Not just the freezing regions, a generator is also very important for the people living in the coastal regions as these regions are vulnerable to natural calamities.

Outdoor activities

Having a portable generator handy is very useful for all your outdoor camping expeditions which are also safe and exciting. Relish all the convenience of modern living with a generator. Enjoy your coffee maker, AC, refrigerator with all the perishable food and all other appliances with your generator. A generator installation service is all you need to get the most out of your fancy appliances outdoors.

Commercial and constructional usage

Working in a commercial or any other onsite location with no electricity at all requires a power back up. A portable generator will immensely help you even during a storm at night. Power outage should definitely not be the cause to put your activities at halt be it day or night.

The types of generators you might want to consider-

Standby Generators

This type of generator starts automatically whenever there is a power cut. There is the liability to choose either natural gas or propane in this generator. The output levels of the generator varies somewhere between 5 to 20 Kilowatts. These gases are easy to store and use. If there should arise a situation when your generator needs maintenance or repair, it will self-notify you. Almost all the household appliances are powered by standby generators. The Standby Generator installation must be done expertly. Get in touch with trained professionals who are competent enough to guide you through the permits and allowable noise limits.

Portable Generators:

As compared to standby generators, the portable generators are less expensive. The tank capacity of this generator is however not large enough. You might have to stock up the fuel somewhere else. Just like the standby generator, you can use either propane or natural gas. The portable generators cannot be used from more than 15 feet away from your residence. It is very important that you take care that your generator is not enclosed in a closed space. Portable generators are electric start ones but the battery supporting the mechanism is usually bought separately. The output levels of this generator is anywhere between 3 to 8.5 Kilowatts.

As both of these are electric, they should never come into direct contact with water.

It is now time to select the perfect generator that suits your needs with all the information you have just gathered. You can start by analyzing your power requirements and appropriate features of the generator to get the right generator.



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