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A Guide to Keeping Your Home Safe This Hurricane Season

A Guide to Keeping Your Home Safe This Hurricane Season

When a hurricane is pounding your area with high speed winds and pouring rain, it’s a little too late to consider what happens if the power goes out. Power outages can be not only scary, but also dangerous and the cause of losses for homeowners. Even a small storm can knock power out miles inland from Vero Beach or the immediate coastline for up to a week. Think your refrigerated goods will still be good by then? Instead of going without the security and peace of mind of power, prepare for hurricane season with a generator. 

Basic Hurricane Prep 

Before hurricane season is the best time to prepare for the coming storms. Get your hurricane supply list planned out and stock everything up so you can have peace of mind. The best type of prep is having supplies you and your family can depend on when things are not easily accessible. These supplies may include bottles of water, canned goods, bags of ice, batteries, flashlights, first-aid kits, etc. In addition, if you have a generator, it can be the best and most necessary supply you have in your arsenal.

Plan Ahead for Your Power 

When a hurricane gets near, generators start flying off the shelves. Some people go out and purchase three or four generators in the hopes of selling them at triple the price when the storm hits to those who are less prepared. Don’t get caught in the storm without a generator ready to go, forced to buy one at outlandish prices because you cannot go without it. There are a variety of types of generators – finding the one that is ideal for your home and your family’s power needs can be easy. 

Which Generator Is For You?

Permanent – Generac automatic home backup generators are permanently installed. Automatically delivering power during an outage, these generators can back up your entire home if you choose. Generac is the preferred brand by homeowners across Florida who invest in home backup power. 

Mobile –  Power than can move with you is possible with the Generac mobile generators. Fully customizable and trailer situated, these generators are ideal for a variety of endeavors. Backup your home or help a neighbor, give power to your small business or camping trailer – they go wherever you go. 

Portable – Many peoples’ first introduction to generators is when they are in need of power. With portable generators, power can always be with you. During hurricane season, a portable generator can be helpful to back-up your home, but also move with you in case of an evacuation. Both large and small portable generators are available to fit your power needs, equipped with gas tanks for extended usage. 

If you are in the hurricane preparation stages, make sure you don’t overlook the aspect of power. Having a generator during a power outage in Vero Beach, Florida could be a life-saving benefit for you and your family. Call Energized Generators for a free estimate on your generator installation or purchase – 772-466-1095!

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